Perfect Christmas gifts for writers


Consider the gift of coaching sessions for the wordsmith in your life 

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me …. a coaching session with Altai Pilgrim Online Studio

Do you know the traditional English song, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’? In the lyrics, on every day of Christmas, a certain someone receives a new gift from their ‘true love,’ each more fabulous than the last and increasingly numerous, until the recipient becomes the proud possessor of twenty-three birds, a handful of gold, a varied assortment of musicians and entertainers, and eight milkmaids.

What will you gift your true ‘writer love’ this Christmas?

If ‘lords a-leaping’ and ‘pipers piping’ are a touch inconvenient to wrap and perhaps you have already exhausted the options of beautiful stationery, why not consider giving your ‘writer love’ the gift of a writer’s coaching session/editing session?

Christmas and the New year is a great month for writers to take stock of writing achievements over the past year, to revisit affirmations and set new goals to make their writer dreams come true.

It can be hard, really hard, to keep faith in one’s writing and whether you know it or not, there may have been many occasions over the past year when your writer love has felt like giving up.

Do you ever feel you wish you could help with the creative process but don’t know how?

Coaching sessions with an editor are the perfect gift. Coaching sessions help boost creativity and enthusiasm, set new goals, look at blocks and how to move through them, as well as generate positive feedback.

This Christmas, why not gift your writer love a coaching session, or discounted bundle of sessions with Joanna at Altai Pilgrim Studio?

The standard charge for coaching session at Altai Pilgrim Online Studio is £40 per hour. This Christmas, I am offering a

15% discount on editing & coaching sessions,

whether you choose to gift just one session or a series of three.

To find out more and tailor you perfect writer’s gift contact Joanna at altaipilgrim@live.com