Rates & Services

Translation Basic Rate 

GBP 0.06 p/word

Emphasis on speed

Suitable for larger volumes or texts not intended for publication

 2,000 and 3,000 words per day

Translation Premium Rate

GBP 0.09 p/word

Emphasis on quality

Suitable for books, articles, documents, presentations

1,500 – 2,000 words per day


GBP 0.12 p/word

Emphasis on impact

Suitable for websites + other kinds of marketing materials

 1,500 words per day

Social Media Star

GBP 0.08  ∗Convenient, once a month payment∗

Emphasis on consistency + fast turnaround

For regular, small chunks of advertising

Inspire trust – keep your advertising materials accurate, consistent and engaging

Don’t want to hire a translator every time you want to upload a short post? Send me your LinkedIN, Facebook + twitter posts and I will translate them for you within a matter of hours.

Just send me your updates and I’ll send you a convenient once a month invoice with statistic reports from CAT tools for complete transparency.


GBP 0.04 p/word

Emphasis on accuracy

Editing + proofreading by professional translator

For a text that has already been translated but you are unsure how it might be received by your audience, or you have excellent command of the English language but are not a native speaker.

I use Google docs where changes to text can be made in real time without the need to send email attachments back and forth. Changes can be made in real time giving the client the opportunity to see work in progress.


Please note that the rates given above are meant as a guide. Every translation project differs and precise rates may vary slightly depending on factors such as level of complexity, file format and additional services such as research that may be required to complete the translation according to our exceptionally high standards. 

Tell me about your project


To request a quote for your translation project please use the message box opposite and I will respond as soon as possible. Please include the details listed below. This will help me generate an accurate quote. If you prefer to send an email with a file attachment you can email Joanna at altaipilgrim@live.com

Volume of text in words + service you require (editing or translation)

Document purpose & content e.g. book on popular philosophy

Ideal completion date

Budget and preferred payment method

File formats available

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