Despite the narrow specificity of the translation (creating sauna stoves), Joanna qualitatively and quickly coped with the task. The main thing that I would like to mention: her desire to thoroughly understand the subject of translation, to get to the core of technical terms, as well as to add a certain style to the final text. We were very lucky to find such a professional interpreter as Joanna Dobson.

Sergei Malafievsky - CEO

I was lucky to be recommended Joanna when looking for a translator for ‘A Different Sky’ – the English-language version of Hidden Siberia Magazine, which portrays the real Siberia. I was deeply impressed with Joanna's work. She is a consummate professional, a brilliant translator and a gifted writer. Her style is vivid, expressive and picturesque – exactly what we were looking for!

Natalya Snigireva - Project Manager at IC&M Russia

I selected Joanna out of 20 potential candidates to translate a popular philosophy book from Russian to English. The result was a high quality and timely translation of a complex philosophical book written in spoken Russian. Joanna managed to retain the flow, character and feel of the original book while naturally adapting it to English language audience. I highly recommend Joanna as a translator for complex texts from Russian to English

Alanbek Yussupov - Head of Release and Supply Management at private investment bank

Joanna is an inspired intermediary; A translator who delves into and interprets the sacred by becoming a hollow bone, open to the mysticism and magic that is language.

Vinny Ferrau - Traveller & poet

Joanna has translated quite a demanding project from Russian into English for me perfectly and on time. There is no chance any of the other 17 bidders for the job could have done it better, even judging by their sample tests.

Tanya Smith - English-Russian translator

Having had the opportunity to travel in the Altai Region with Joanna Dobson as our translator, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her intimate knowledge of the local culture coupled with her command of Russian thoroughly enhanced our experience. Joanna not only did an excellent job of translating complex topics including the cosmology of the Altai people, she helped with trip logistics, was compassionate when the going got tough, and showed herself to be an accomplished horsewoman on our three-day horse trek into the high-country to see and experience the sacred mountain of the Altai people.

Jodi Frediani - Photographer

Joanna does excellent work. She is meticulous and properly thorough. Her editing is spot on and really pulled together some complex concepts. More than just an editor for me, she also provided context as well as suggested some appropriate content. I can't give a higher reference. She's simply awesome. We handled the timezone issues easily as well. Quality, high-standards, and flexibility all from one experienced person.

Joseph Robinson - Insideoutwisdom Consulting
About Joanna Dobson


After spending 10 years working as a translator in Novosibirsk and the Altai Republic, Siberia I am now based on the beautiful north Norfolk coast of England where I offer translation and editing services. My focus is on helping English and Russian speaking authors, creatives and startups get their message across to a world-wide audience with confidence, precision and punch.

Joanna Dobson