Joanna’s portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you will find examples of parallel text, an essential component of any translator portfolio. I have also included workflow charts for book, website and article projects to give you an idea of how things work behind the scenes. Use the navigation buttons below to search the portfolio by project type e.g. ‘book’ or by subject area e.g. ‘ecology’.  Or why not just journey through the portfolio and discover the culture and beauty of some of the remotest areas of Siberia.

AP Russian translation London
Magazine | Hidden Siberia
Book | Spirituality ‘Akiva And Rachel’ by Gertcel Davydov
Book | shamanism

Book translation project by professional Russian to English translator Joanna Dobson. Last of the Shor Shamans by A & L Arbachakov includes research, interviews and text of shamanic journeying ritual related to the Shor people and available in English for the first time.

Book | Indigenous spirituality

Book translation project by professional Russian to English translator, Joanna Dobson. Russian original 'Altai Bilik' by N.Shodoev, Ust Kan, Altai Republic