In purity of connection, the vitality of words


When words originate from a passionate heart they have a fiery quality, a clarity that others absorb when they read them, like a leaf absorbs sunlight. Words of this quality are vital and change lives. That said, finding the words for one’s message, extracting the essence of something experienced in a place of no words and crafting it into a text – even taking the step of revealing one’s truest thoughts to the outside world can be a terrifying prospect.

A writer, especially one who strives to create a piece of transformative writing, shares from the depths of their soul. What they are doing is skilful, courageous, essential. Enliven Editing offers services to writers who seek support in meeting the creative challenge. The Studio works with writers both in English and in Russian for the purposes of sharing cultural wisdom and validating voices that enliven hope.

Please contact me if you would like help with a writing project. I offer proofreading, line editing and coaching services.

Standard rate: £35 per hour.


“Joanna is an inspired intermediary; A translator who delves into and interprets the sacred by becoming a hollow bone, open to the mysticism and magic that is language.” Vinny Ferrau, traveller and poet.

“Joanna does excellent work. She is meticulous and thorough. Her editing is spot on and really pulled together some complex concepts. More than just an editor for me, she also provided context as well as suggested some appropriate content. I can’t give a higher reference. She’s simply awesome. We handled the timezone issues easily as well. Quality, high-standards and flexibility, all from one experienced person.” Joseph Robinson, Insideoutwisdom Consulting