Send Me to Siberia

When I say, ‘send me to Siberia’ I mean something very different to A.I Solzhenitsyn who originally wrote these words: ‘…the plan is to drive me out of my life, or out of the country, to throw me into a ditch or to send me to Siberia.”  I quote Solzhenitsyn because the period of history […]

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This article was published in The Calvert Journal (online journal on contemporary Russian culture). The longer version (before being chopped for Calvert) is published here: “Gate to Shambhala”…“Pearl of Asia”…“Siberia’s Switzerland”…“The Golden Mountains”… “Cradle of Civilizations”. The list of epithets to Altai is endless, exaltory, eclectic and impressive for a place few have ever heard […]


‘To the Golden Mountains of Altai’: Article now available on Medium

My article ‘To the Golden Mountains of Altai, Southern Siberia | A Journey of Language and Soul’ is now available on Medium.  This article is an excerpt from my forthcoming book ‘Send me to Siberia’ and was originally published in Terralingua online Magazine. I am delighted to have my work published in this magazine of great writers […]

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Linguistic Diversity and Voices of the Earth

  I’d like to express my thanks to Terralingua who published an extract from my forthcoming book in their Voices of the Earth theme for the Winter 2016 issue of Langscape Magazine. Terralingua works to promote the investigation of the links between biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity, as well as the adoption of an integrated biocultural perspective on the perpetuation, maintenance and revitalization […]

Altai, Life writing, The book in progress

What the shaman saw

Photo: Interpreting on an ecological expedition in the Altai Republic I graduated from Cambridge University with the firm belief that one thing I would never be was a Russian to English translator. The fact caused me no particular concern however, as I desperately wanted to apprentice to a shaman. I could think of no career […]

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Meet the translator No.19

Any Language translation agency recently featured Altai Pilgrim on their ‘meet the translator’ page with a mini interview in Russian. How many books have you read in translation? Les Miserables perhaps? If you’re in to the Russian classics, you might have enjoyed a twirl with Tolstoy, taken a daring run at Dostoevsky or lounged with Lermontov. Now for the […]